Dashboards and performance reports

What is a dashboard?

A dashboard extracts, gathers and presents data so you can analyze and optimize performance. It measures the return on investment (ROI) of organic content (community management, content marketing, SEO) and paid content (ad campaigns, influencer marketing, email marketing, SEM campaigns, etc.).

Defining performance indicators. To measure results, our digital team defines the performance indicators to monitor based on your objectives and the mandate you’ve given us. Our strategist then identifies the key performance indicators (KPIs) for each campaign.

Why do you need it?

Analyzing and measuring performance are crucial elements of any digital strategy. The only risk is getting lost in the abundance of available data.

Perform in-depth analyses. The dashboard organizes and links data for key indicators and is a unique and valuable tool for performing detailed analyses.

Optimize campaignsau fur et à mesure. The dashboard allows you to track the progress of campaigns and quickly see what needs to be optimized, based on observed performance. This is the main function of a dashboard and often the most profitable for clients. What does that mean in concrete terms? A dashboard allows you to follow the campaign closely and to play with certain variables to get the best possible results with the allocated advertising budget.

How does it work?

Aggregating data. Each dashboard is designed to meet your specific needs. In a single destination, it gathers data from the website, social media platforms and all advertising campaigns—digital or traditional—as long as all the information is available in excel format.

Personalized and professional. he dashboard presents all the results from the data collected in a range of graphs and charts. The dashboard is also personalized with the brand’s colours, which is a big plus when you need to share the results with internal or external teams quickly and in a professional way. So much better than your typical Excel spreadsheet!

The dashboard can be used as a:

  • Working tool to follow results as they evolve and to optimize campaigns;
  • Presentation document for meetings to plan content calendars or campaigns for the upcoming months;
  • Report or balance sheet that gathers all relevant information, so you can produce a more in-depth document that’s ready to be downloaded and shared (like a monthly or quarterly report in PDF format).

Once we’ve identified the KPIs, our specialists configure the measurement tools to track their evolution via the dashboard. The time it takes to configure these tools depends on how complex the website is and may require collaboration with your digital team.

A work in progress. One of the biggest benefits of a custom dashboard is that it can be improved as you go. We usually start with a basic configuration, which allows the whole team to learn how to work with and navigate the new tool. Once your team has the hang of it and sees its full potential, we work regularly to improve it to make it even more effective and useful.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing : Since each dashboard is customized, the cost varies depending on the complexity of the configuration that’s needed.

A basic dashboard configuration takes a minimum of 10 hours, plus the time it takes to manage the project and present the dashboard to you. From there, we create a monthly bank of hours for adjustments and updates.

Dashboard ROI: Once the dashboard is configured, it saves you time and money. Not only that, but the digital campaigns we optimize over the course of the mandate are often more efficient and deliver more benefits.

Our collaborative and analytical team When you work with Spritz, you benefit from the expert skills of our performance measurement experts as well as the talents of our content creation and social media management teams. We work closely with you to develop and optimize your company’s dashboard from start to finish, delivering a tool that will serve as your go-to reference.

Save time and energy, deliver engaging campaigns, optimize your budget… can we serve you a personalized dashboard?