Tailor-made training for your social media and web marketing

What is social media and web marketing training?

With our social media and web marketing training, you can learn the basics, deepen your knowledge or discover the latest digital marketing trends, no matter what level you’re at.

At Spritz, each training course is customized to fit you. We optimize the content to meet your company’s unique challenges. The training we provide is comprehensive and concrete, all based on real-life examples, experiences and issues drawn from your company and industry.

Choose the customized training session for you

  • Individual training
  • Small or large group training (5 to 20 people)
  • Workshop training
  • Conference (30-plus people)

Because each training session is customized, we dive deep into the topics and issues that matter to you. Our goal? To give you the concrete knowledge you need to immediately put what you’ve learned during your training into practice. Our training serves as a toolbox, as an opportunity to reflect and as a reference document you can come back to whenever you need.

Beginner or advanced training?

Beginner training

Our training for beginner teams is all about demystifying social media and web marketing. We take you on a tour of every platform, teaching you best practices and tactics with concrete examples. Based on cases taken directly from your company and sector, we create a training session that provides you with key tools and knowledge, along with personalized recommendations.

How do we do it? We cut through the technical jargon, present the different tools available to you and share our golden rules. You’ll leave the session with everything you need to get your project off to the best start, whether it’s to implement an internal social media and web marketing strategy or to better collaborate with an agency you’ve enlisted.

Intermediate/advanced training

This training is designed for any individual or company who’s comfortable with the web and social media and is looking to optimize their practices to achieve specific objectives. Need a knowledge refresh? We provide you with a summary of the latest tools, features and functionalities.

How do we do it? By diving right into the heart of your issues to help you refine your strategy. We analyze your current campaigns and results and give you new ways to improve and optimize them. At the end of the session, whichever format you choose, we’ll give you a reference document that you can use as a guide to move forward with your goals.

Why do you need it?

Training is an essential tool to:

  • Improve your marketing strategy;
  • Innovate and find new ideas;
  • Look at your project from a fresh perspective;
  • Question what you’re doing;
  • Stay relevant and up to date on the latest trends;
  • Motivate your team;
  • Implement bold new tactics.

Customized training is like a cold shower or a strong cup of coffee: it wakes you up.

The top 3 reasons to take a training course with Spritz

  1. Acquire new knowledge.
  2. Motivate your team.
  3. Boost your competency (and confidence).

How does it work?

Our training is tailor-made to you and the idea is simple: you call us and tell us what you need.

  • What are your current needs?
  • What resources do you have available, internally and externally?
  • Who’s in charge of your social media and web marketing?
  • What’s your game plan?
  • What goals are you looking to achieve?
  • What knowledge and skills do you have to achieve them?

For us, training isn’t about getting you past the finish line. It’s the starting point or refresher course you need to move forward with success. With that in mind, you’ll want to set aside a bank of hours to apply all that you’ve learned.

Training pays off!

If your annual payroll is $2 million or more, you’re obliged to invest a certain amount in training every year. Under Quebec’s 1% Training Law otherwise known as the Job Skills Act), you must:

  • Invest the equivalent of at least 1% of your total annual payroll in staff training per calendar year;
  • Declare the amount invested to Revenu Québec.

Take full advantage of this opportunity to propel your teams to the top!

If you’re an SME, don’t forget that you’re entitled to atax credit for employee training.. It’s an investment that’s more than worth it, especially with Spritz when you’ll see the payoff from your training in no time ;-).